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Why Invest in Roatan Real Estate?r

Caribbean island real estate investing The Caribbean island of Roatan offers pristine beauty and clear blue waters. Many people are drawn to the island because of the mild year round temperatures.  Daytime highs average between 80°F to 88°F and nights average between 70°F to 76°F. Foreigners live on Roatan in all seasons. Many local residents and expats actually prefer the rainy season. The other most important feature to many people is that a person can own land with a clear Honduran real estate title and also have title insurance offered by American companies. Honduras is and has been one of the most stable democracies in Central America for 30 years. Americans have found an island they love in the Caribbean, close to our North American home.

Roatan real estate is the most affordable of all the Caribbean islands we know about. Many foreigners have purchased Roatan real estate and have watched it increase in value quickly as more people are discovering Roatan on cruise ships, or because it is so easy to get to and provides a relatively inexpensive vacation. Wonderful lodging is readily available, the food is delightful and varied, and there are lots of things to do. For a small Caribbean island, Roatan feels very large.

There are many different types of real estate available. From pristine untouched jungle to beachfront or waterfront land, and from condos and homes to building sites in very special planned communities with community beaches, gardens and more, you have a lot of real estate options available on Roatan. You can find land parcels ranging from small lots to large acreages.