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Camp Bay $ 15,000,000 - bd - ba - sf 47.7 acres
Roatan beach frontage
island real estate development property
Caribbean acreage
What a development opportunity! This quality Caribbean property is now be offered for sale by its long time owners. Camp Bay is one of the two largest natural white sand beaches on the island of Roatan. From this lovely beach, the property, almost 50 acres total, runs back over the rising hills until joining with the Port Royal refuge.

1. History
It is rumored that Camp Bay acquired its name back in the 1700's when the British maintained a lookout detachment "encamped" on the north shore, to protect against surprise attack on their fortifications in Port Royal Harbor, which is directly across the island. An English Land Grant from Queen Victoria was issued in 1861 to James Gentle and Walter Lawson, who sold to John Poppelton in 1866, and he to Spurgeon Cooper in 1896, then inherited by son Lemuel Cooper in 1930, who sold it to the current owners in 1965. The property functioned as a working coconut plantation during the entire 20th century.

2. Size
This parcel includes 800 feet of white sand beach ocean frontage, and a total area of 47.667 acres.

3. Location
Camp Bay is in the heart of the exciting eastern Roatan attractions. To the west lie Wilkes Point, Paya Bay, Alligator Nose, and Diamond Rock. To the east, Camp Bay Town, Pulpit, and Old Port Royal, the site of the new Wyndam resort. To the south, the Port Royal Refuge and National Park provides recreational opportunities and almost 2000 acres of permanent greenbelt in the central part of the island, and connects with beautiful, historic Port Royal Harbor on the south shore.

4. Beach
The entire beach is almost a mile long, and the 800 feet of beach frontage being offered with this Roatan real estate is centrally located, and is the best part of the beach. Dredged, man-made beach simply cannot compare. The natural white sand beach dazzles the eye, and offers crystal clean water for first class recreational enjoyment.

The offshore barrier reef system offers some of the finest diving and snorkeling available on the island, truly world-class. Lawson channel, directly off shore, allows boat passage through the reef. The protected area inside the reef offers a wonderful playground for swimmers, and small boat activities such as kayaks, Sunfish, and windsurfers.

6. Port Royal Refuge And National park.
This deserves mention, as this property borders the park on the south.The park area includes the highest point on Roatan, Port Royal Peak, as well as diverse flora and fauna. Thus, excellent eco-recreational hiking and equestrian opportunities can be offered, along with the aesthetic advantages of being adjacent to a large permanent green belt.

7. Improvements
The property has enjoyed good stewardship from the long-term owners. A basic system of access roads exists, and fresh-water has been proven abundant with drilled wells producing up to 150 GMP. Anticipating the arrival of the Lethal Yellowing disease, a program was initiating 12 years ago, to replant coconut plantation with thousands of disease resistant hybrid varieties imported from Costa Rica. Also, many ornamentals, Hibiscus, Boungainvillea, Oleander, Croton, Aurelia, etc., have been landscaped in, to complement the native Sea grape, Almond, Gumbo-limbo, Buttonwood, Breadfruit, Flamboyant, Coco plum, and Noni trees, which abound.

8. Access
The property borders the island's main highway, some 5 miles east of the Oak Ridge turn off. While this last stretch of road is not yet hard-surfaced, much of the preparation was done years ago, with the roadbed prepared and the heavy work. Some 150 culverts and drains have been installed. With the emergence of several large projects in the area, it is expected that the road will be surfaced, making it a 25 minute drive from French Harbor.

9. Power
The island utility company, RECO, now has power lines reaching the edge of the property. It is planned that all utilities will be underground in the area.