Roatan island information

Roatan Information

about Roatan HondurasRoatan is one of the Bay Islands of Honduras. It is a very special place on our planet. This beautiful tropical island is about thirty miles long and less than 2.5 miles wide. Roatan offers spectacular natural surroundings, special people, great food and water. The island also offers some of the best real estate opportunities in the world, whether you are looking for land, a second home, or a retirement home.

The island is located out of the hurricane belt in the Caribbean. By looking at a map, you can see why most hurricanes miss the island of Roatan. It is protected by the mainland of Honduras that juts out from Central America. Just 7 hurricanes have passed by in the last 120 years. The island has no volcanoes.

Roatan has tropical vegetation and lush hillsides reaching to 900 feet in elevation. It has many white sand beaches, deep-water harbors, and soft rolling hills. There is one main road through the island where cars travel in an easygoing island style, avoiding pedestrians, dogs, bicycles, and chickens. There are no freeways and no high-rise hotels. The northwestern beaches are protected as part of the Bay Islands Marine Park.

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Medical services are inexpensive and available at a couple of excellent clinics and one hospital on the island. Medical care is also readily available on the mainland, just a 15-minute plane ride away. Houston and Miami are just 2 hours away by plane.

Not only is Roatan the most affordable Caribbean island when it comes to your real estate investments, but it is also very easy to travel to, with direct flights from Roatan's international airport to Houston, Miami, and Atlanta. Even more flights are available on the mainland through San Pedro Sula, with a short commute by plane or the new one-hour passenger ferry from La Ceiba to Roatan.

If you have ever desired to have your own spot under the sun on a Caribbean island, but always found it too expensive, Roatan may be just what you have dreamed! Although Roatan real estate is still very affordable today, prices are rising.  The rise in real estate values offers good real estate investment opportunities.

Doing business in Roatan and purchasing real estate (unlike many Central America locations) is quite easy with modern communications including cell and wireless-internet, which are readily available. There are American phone lines available for easy unlimited calling to the United States. Other important services needed for conducting business on the island are also available.  To work in Roatan, one should secure a work permit through a Honduran attorney. Real Estate purchases are conducted through use of a Honduran attorney who is also a notary. Your attorney will conduct an acreage or house and land title search and secure the documents necessary to assure you clear titles to your real estate. American title insurance and financing are now available on Roatan as well.