Roatan travel

Traveling to Roatan, Honduras

Travel to RoatanTraveling to and from the Caribbean island of Roatan is easy in today’s sometimes difficult travel scenes. The international airport at Roatan (RTB) has many direct flights from the US each week. Continental and TACA fly directly from Houston, American Airlines flies directly from Miami, and Delta flies directly from Atlanta. A direct flight is also available from New Jersey. Most direct island flights are on the weekend.

You can also travel mid-week to the Honduran mainland, to San Pedro Sula, then to La Ceiba and take a comfortable passenger ferry (just over 1 hour) or a commuter flight (15 minutes) to Roatan.

It is also quite easy to ship goods, building materials, and household supplies to the Roatan, with boats coming regularly from Miami and other ports. Shipping fees are reasonable and duty-free importation may be used if you set up a tourist related business. Contact us to learn more.

Most goods and services are easily secured on the mainland if they are not available on the island. When you travel to Roatan, contact Colby’s Real Estate first for the best places to stay and other valuable travel information.